Welcome to CS4NS

The First Southeast Regional CS4NS Conference focuses on the immediate need of strengthening the critical cyber infrastructure of our nation.  The conference will address the current cyber security state and rank vulnerabilities of our Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources (CI/KR), Internet Infrastructure, and available security resources. Discussions will highlight future development needs and solutions, especially for underserved businesses and government. Overall, CS4NS will answer the question “Are we secure?”

The Federal Government is investing hundreds of millions of dollars on Cyber Security. Unfortunately, this investment is focused on hardening Federal Government .gov and .mil domains. Where does this investment leave everyone else, the small to medium sized companies or state and local governments? These entities are the backbone of our country and provide vital public services but receive little help to thwart cyber threats. The CS4NS Conference focuses on strategies for closing the non-Federal cyber vulnerability gap through public-private partnerships with educational institutions, industry, especially small and medium size companies, state and local government, and other public entities.

The CS4NS Conference unites representatives from higher educational institutes, research facilities, industry, and government organizations.  The goal is to educate, create awareness and provide knowledgebase for cyber security problems faced by the small and mid-sized industries, state and local government. The aim of CS4NS is to identify current and future cyber security needs and facilitate the sharing and development of cyber security resources to address these needs. 

By presenting the views and ideas from the top levels of the federal government, academia, and independent experts, CS4NS will provide a unique perspective and the true fusion of national cyber security needs and the needs of small/medium business and state/local government.

Keynote Presenters

paul-schneider The Honorable Paul A. Schneider, Former Deputy Secretary of U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, Principal, The Chertoff Group
Davis Lieutenant General Jon M. Davis, Deputy Commander, United States Cyber Command
nophoto Patricia A. Muoio, Chief, Trusted Systems Research Group, National Security Agency

 Why Participate?

  • Network with experts in the field and both Cyber Security providers and people with Cyber Security needs.
  • Hear from keynote speakers that are leaders in their field
  • Discuss hot topics with colleagues in focused Birds-of-a-Feather events
  • Meet with industry vendors/suppliers and see their new products
  • Opportunity to recruit graduates and students with Cyber credentials
  • Learn about on-going research.
  • Learn about plans to educate the Cyber experts of the future

Who Will Participate?

  • Industry- especially small and medium size companies
  • Government- especially state and local government, and other public entities
  • Educational institutions- Educators and students
  • Cyber Security solutions providers


  • The importance of Cyber Security at the state, local and small/medium business level
  • Legislation and regulation related to cyber security
  • Threats, Vulnerabilities and Attacks: How to identify and analyze various types of threats and attacks and how to identify the vulnerabilities/weak points in the systems
  • IT security policy design and evaluation
  • What small business needs to understand about cyber security
  • Risk assessment: How to perform risk assessment for a system, learn how to analyze the overhead/cost associated with a secured system
  • Building the cyber security workforce and technological capabilities for the future
  • Building cyber resiliency


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